We look after +500 clients in Australia for various WordPress services:

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Choosing the right template
  3. Installing WordPress on hosting
  4. Custom WordPress theme
  5. Create landing pages on WordPress

WordPress Hosting. For our new marketing company, we decided to use a WordPress CMS instead of Joomla. It is more easy to update and design. We used a local WordPress hosting with Crazy Domains.

Choosing the right template. We received an inquiry from Sydney Plumber about which template to choose on WordPress. It is a very good question, don’t jump on the your favourite design. You need to verify that you are confident with the main plug ins such as content editor & and contact forms editor.

Installing WordPress on hosting. Our team takes less than 2 hrs in general to install a WordPress CMS and template. We often do website migration such as cash for cars for our WordPress clients who wish to change hosting or domain name.

Magento & Worpdress integration. As an example we integrated a WordPress CMS into Magento for The commercial kitchen equipment company extended their product range to POS and they wanted a WordPress backend for this section because the copywritter was just more used to it and it is faster to update.

Landing pages. As an example we designed relevant landing pages to match the Adwords campaign for Creative Dance. They advertise on keywords such as “kids dance classes in Sydney” and we create a landing page to incorporate all information for the kids section.